Thanks to the experience acquired in the ultra-demanding motorsport sector and the multiple projects carried out over 40 years in design offices and workshops, Solution F can support its customers in a wide range of services relating to engines and vehicles. .

Studies of clean engines and propulsion systems

Solution F is one of the very rare French companies able to design, manufacture, develop and industrialize an internal combustion or electric engine project. This specialty, on which major manufacturers like Renault, Nissan and Ferrari have relied, is based on human skills and cutting-edge tools such as the two engine test benches which can supporti very high powers, one of between them even being equipped with a hydrogen supply.

We also have great expertise and tools for the mechanical analysis of transmission systems (lubrication, bearings) on very different technologies used in the automobile and aeronautics industries.

We run two types of programs:

  • Transformation and optimization of engines on a series basis.
  • Design of an engine from scratch.
Integration of electric and H2 powertrains

Very early on, in the 1990s, Solution F took the ecological transition, first by hybridizing combustion engines, then by creating and integrating a new generation of propulsion systems intended for cars and flying machines. .

Thanks to GCK group, our design office benefits from a wide choice of innovative and low-carbon solutions that can be adapted to all types of projects in the field of mobility. Whether it is lithium-ion batteries from GCK Battery or electric motors from Solution F, we master the design and operation of each element of a “new generation” power chain. This knowledge and flexibility allow us to best implement the various components of the powertrain in an existing chassis (retrofit) or one designed by us.

Design and construction of prototypes

For nearly 40 years, Solution F has been designing, manufacturing, developing and operating racing cars successfully, on all types of terrain (asphalt, dirt, sand, ice). This culture of performance is found in all the projects carried out by our teams, regardless of the area of ​​application (land, air or aquatic).

The mechanical systems that we design are optimized to integrate the latest technologies in motorization and our machine tools (mechanical welding, machining, assembly) allow us to produce complex, high-precision parts with total autonomy and great flexibility. Our technical team supports its customers in a global process, from design to industrialization (with integrated validation stage) including the complex approval phase of a road vehicle.

Test benches and special machines

As a “systems engineer”, Solution F worked very early on on test benches for components or complete mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, aerodynamic or hybrid systems.

For several years, Solution F has made this know-how available to its customers by designing, manufacturing and industrializing special machines, test benches and tools and by providing its knowledge in accidentology and continuous improvement of production processes, intended to be used by customers.


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