Solution F offers a range of thrusters with low CO2 emissions. These engines – whether electric, combustion (hydrogen) or hybrid – are aimed at all areas of mobility, on land, at sea or in the air.

Hybridation kit / Twin-E

A revolutionary concept, the Twin-E is presented as an electric hybridization kit (plug-in) adaptable to a light city-type car. Mated to the original thermal engine, it replaces the gearbox and the clutch, requiring no major modification to the chassis.

The secret of the system – which hides three patents – lies in the combination of an electric motor with a mechanical converter (planetary gear train) to transform a thermic car into a rechargeable hybrid that plugs into the grid! Result: a range of 70 km in electric mode and a 25% reduction in consumption over a journey of 600 km.

Developed for several years, this solution will soon be approved in France, allowing vehicles initially certified Crit’Air 3 or more to circulate in low mobility emission zones (ZFE-m). The installation of the kit will be done in an approved garage for a very reasonable price, much lower than a retrofit.

Electric engines

To respond precisely to the constraints of our customers, each of our motors is presented as a personalized product resulting from a standardized manufacturing process. Our three models share the same water-cooled one-piece design and all feature very high power density in a compact, waterproof and lightweight environment.

The smaller 48 V motor is ideal for light hybridization of a vehicle (racing car for example), or for the propulsion of a drone, a motorcycle, a small pleasure boat, etc. Its integration and handling are greatly facilitated by the fact that it does not require “high voltage” authorization from the technician responsible for working on it.

Our intermediate model, the 400 V, can fully motorize larger vehicles such as a car, utility vehicle or lake cruiser.

And finally, the 700 V is intended for large vehicles such as snow groomers, construction machinery or racing cars.

Hydrogen combustion engines

Solution F is positioned as a pioneering company on a global scale in terms of hydrogen combustion engines, through the combination of three factors:

  • A long experience as an engine manufacturer acquired in particular in competition;
    mastery of hydrogen storage (Mission H24 program); privileged access to the technologies available within the GCK group.
  • In concrete terms, the H2 combustion engine is a classic four-stroke, transformed to burn dihydrogen, a fuel which has a high mass energy density (1 kg of this gas is equivalent to approximately 3 kg of gasoline) and whose combustion only generates water vapor and a small amount of nitrogen oxide.
  • Our supercharged 450 kW (612 hp) 6.2-litre V8 is ideal for motorizing or retrofitting an off-road type vehicle (construction machine, agricultural machine, snow groomer) or a racing car. Note that this solution is not currently approved for the road but could be in the long term, if the regulations were to change.

Economical heat engines

Drawing on its experience in automotive hybridization, our R&D team has worked on a new thermal engine architecture adaptable to hybridization technologies for light aircraft and small flying machines with or without a pilot (ULM, flying taxi, drone ). The SF3T supercharged in-line three-cylinder can thus be adapted to the construction of a hybrid powertrain (series, parallel) or to the supply of an alternator (range extender). Its parts cut in the mass and manufactured with quality materials make it a light engine (50 kg), compact and robust. Its customized electronic management has been optimized to obtain a reliable thruster (1,000 hours between each overhaul), efficient (150 kW at 6,750 rpm) and energy-efficient (230 g/Kwh), in line with the challenges of the transition energy in the air sector.