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Since 1985, Solution F has been a reference in the design and construction of competition vehicles, offering multidisciplinary expertise in motorisation (competition and series).

The innovations of our R&D teams and our mastery of design and simulation processes, particularly in propulsion systems (thermal and electric) and hybridisation, have led us to diversify and export our skills to the aeronautics sector.

Solution F's specificity: to develop "challenging" engineering solutions (for equipment and/or engines), optimised in terms of the "cost/performance" ratio

The areas of expertise of

Solution F

Our design office

Our design office works on all stages of simulation and design, right through to validation, with the appropriate skills and tools.

Our teams have specific tools, created by Solution F, to evaluate the performance of the systems created. All tests and test benches are carried out in-house.

Solution F - Automotive & Aerospace Prototypes
Solution F engine - SF3T - New generation of engines for light aviation

Our production workshop

Our production workshop is totally autonomous: mechanical welding, machining, assembly.

We have specific production processes and tools to produce complete prototypes or small series.

Our teams have set up quality control and traceability processes.

Our test laboratory

At the end of the production process, the Solution F teams carry out validation tests before delivery.

Various test benches are set up for shock absorbers, motors (thermal, electric), components, batteries and range extenders...

We ensure long-term delivery, with high-performance solutions.

Solution F - Automotive & Aerospace Prototypes
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The added value of
Solution F
Complete autonomy from design to industrialisation...
with integrated validation stage
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The added value of
Solution F
A reactive, versatile and expert structure.
We work completely independently of manufacturers.Our human dimension and our specific tools allow us great flexibility in our capacity for innovation and production.
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The added value of
Solution F
A multidisciplinary team of experts
R&D engineers, technicians, mechanics, electronics engineers, machinists... 30 professionals, men and women, from different and complementary professions, grouped together on the same site, put their passion for the challenge at the service of our customers.
Our commitments: Inventiveness, reliability and optimisation of the time between the project and the prototype.
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The added value of
Solution F
A unique 6000 m² site in the heart of the PACA region, in Venelles,
A location that is both highly accessible (close to the A51 motorway and Marseille Provence Airport) and very confidential.Evolving premises, grouping together all of Solution F's businesses in one place to promote team synergy.
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The added value of
Solution F
A confidentiality charter
Solution F is committed to respecting a confidentiality charter with its private and public clients, manufacturers, equipment suppliers, industrialists, etc., in order to guarantee complete discretion on the projects entrusted to it.
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The missions of

Solution F

Solution F - Design and construction of competition vehicles
Solution F - Design and construction of competition vehicles


Innovating, performing and produce

Design, innovate, optimise and build complete prototypes (thermal, electric and hybrid engines, chassis, running gear, suspension, etc.) of high-performance competition (and production) cars.

Urban vehicles and racing cars: Initiate hybridisation technologies.

Reinventing new motorisation concepts

  • Aeronautical manufacturers: bring Solution F expertise in hybrid propulsion systems to industrial projects or innovative flight test programmes (E-Fan, Stratobus, electric helicopter, Voltaero's Cassio 1 hybrid prototype, etc.)

  • Private aircraft: working towards the design of a new combustion engine architecture adaptable to hybridisation technologies: the SF 3T engine

  • UAVs: Maximising autonomy and minimising heat signature for military applications.


Solution F - Reinventing aircraft engines

From car racing to aeronautics

The story

Eric Chantriaux, an engineer by training, passionate about motor sport and a rally driver (Citroën Visa Trophy, French Championship, foreign rallies, etc.) created Solution F in 1985 in response to a call for tenders from Citroën concerning the development of a 4×4 rally vehicle based on the brand new Citroën AX.

A design office dedicated to optimising the performance of rally vehicles, Solution F gradually opened up to new manufacturers.

Eric Chantriaux very quickly developed multidisciplinary skills, from design to production. He acquired premises and high-tech equipment and surrounded himself with a team of technicians and engineers to become one of the leaders in automotive engineering for competition and production.

Solution F specialised in propulsion systems from the 1990s, with a strong focus on hybridisation.

It was in the mid-2000s that Solution F, with its expertise in thermal, mechanical and hybrid engines, entered the aeronautical market.

Today, Paul Chantriaux, an aviation enthusiast and himself a private pilot, is continuing his father's activities alongside Hugues Baude, technical and commercial director, and the Solution F teams, with the same passion for boldness and innovation.

Solution F - Founder - Managing Director - Technical Director