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Born from a racing team, Solution F has always been able to feed its passion for challenges, its culture of results and performance.

Solution F - Design and construction of competition vehicles
Solution F - Design and construction of competition vehicles

Design and construction of competition vehicles

We intervene at every stage of the design to optimise the cost/performance ratio

  • Drive components and systems
  • Development of thermal, electric and hybrid competition engines
  • Development of hardware and software solutions for propulsion supervision and management
  • Chassis and bodywork
  • Architecture and geometry
  • Suspension and shock absorbers
  • Aerodynamics
  • Braking

Optimisation and development of prototype engines

  • Transformation and/or optimisation of engines on a production basis; these can be heavily modified in depth, such as the Nissan V6 engines adapted for use in Formula Renault 3.5 single-seaters

  • Engines designed from scratch

Hybridisation concepts for production and competition cars

  • Hybridization patents that have been used by manufacturers for their production vehicles.

  • The Twin E concept revolutionises the suburban vehicle market by offering a low-cost solution for converting front-wheel drive cars into hybrid vehicles.

  • Development of a prototype hybrid competition car for one-design cups.
Solution F - Design and construction of competition vehicles

Some of Solution F's outstanding automotive achievements

1996 : Development and manufacture of pre-production road engines for the Renault group for the Clio RS

1999 : Production of the Clio Trophy competition engines on the assembly line of the Française de Mécanique in Douvrin

2001 : Winner of the French Silhouette Championship with a Peugeot 406 developed entirely in-house against the factory teams

2003 : Participation in the 24h of Le Mans in support of the official Ferrari Prodrive team

2005 : Design and development of the FR 3.5 V6 engines

2005 : Complete management of Nissan's Dakar programme, from the design of the race vehicles to the manufacture of the fleet of 4×4 and 6×6 vehicles and assistance vehicles, and the management of the drivers

2006 : Creation of a product line of silhouette vehicles characterised by optimised operating costs: The Touring Cup and production of a first series of 25 cars for a one-design cup

2009 : Development of a hybridization concept for transverse-engine suburban vehicles: TWIN E. This hybridisation principle, protected by patents, only requires an electrical machine and has very little impact on the engine compartment, allowing "low cost" hybridisation.

2012 : Supply of 25 silhouette cars based on identical running chassis and all associated logistics for the support and maintenance of this turnkey championship for the Swedish STCC championship held from 2012 to 2016

2017 : Development of the Foenix project, a grand touring competition vehicle designed to compete with GT3s in endurance events and characterised by its performance and operating costs

2019 : Deployment for Total Energies of a Hydrogen refuelling station, allowing the H24 car to participate in the world premiere of the Spa ELMS FIA meeting