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aeronautical motorisation

The aeronautics and automotive sectors share common skills and technologies and meet much the same performance criteria.

Proven expertise in electric and hybrid propulsion systems

We address the aeronautical market thanks to the expertise we have acquired in the various types of motorisation, which today enables us to design innovative propulsion systems (electric and hybrid).

Our propulsion systems are designed to anticipate the environmental constraints of the aviation sector (reduction of nitrogen dioxide and carbon emissions and noise pollution), cost control and requirements in terms of autonomy and power.

Solution F - Reinventing aircraft engines

We mainly work on R&D and prototyping assignments.

Solution F has been integrated into multiple test programmes launched by aircraft manufacturers and industrialists.

2011 : Solution F designs and builds an electric helicopter from scratch in 2011, with the aim of achieving the first flight of such a machine: This performance is entered in the Guinness Book.

2015 : AIRBUS Innovations has approached our R&D teams with the aim of contributing to the development of electric propulsion and manufacturing a battery pack for the successful crossing of the English Channel by AIRBUS' electric aircraft, the E Fan, 106 years after Luis Blériot's exploit.

2015 : Solution F develops a rapid prototyping concept for the H160 gearbox (one of AIRBUS Helicopters' latest successors to the Dauphin) which earns it the Airbus Helicopters Innovative Supplier Award.

2016 : Solution F is developing a hybrid version of the E Fan for AIRBUS, which is being presented at OSHKOSH 2016.

2016 : Another ambitious aerial challenge: The Stratobus stratospheric balloon launched by Thales Alenia Space for telecommunication and observation missions. A 100m long airship, flying at an altitude of 20 km, for which we have produced the electric propulsion concept from 2016.

2020 : We are supporting the start-up VoltAero in the design of a 4 to 9-seat hybrid aircraft combining electric and combustion engines for regional flights. Solution F is supplying the prototype hybrid unit for the Cassio 1 demonstrator, which was presented to the press during a flight in October 2020, and which completed a Tour de France des Aéroclubs in July 2021.

2021 : "Solution F develops electric thrusters for the propulsion of a CNIM Air Space observation balloon, Le Diridrone, as well as a compact and light 10kW on-board generator"

Solution F has developed electric thrusters for the propulsion of a CNIM Air Space observation balloon, the Diridrone, as well as a compact and light 10kW on-board generator providing the energy necessary for propulsion and the payload.

As part of an R&D partnership contract with RTE (Le Réseau de Transport d'Électricité), CNIM Air Space has developed a customised drone airship demonstrator: Diridrone.

Diridrone is aimed at infrastructure inspection and surveillance professionals looking for an innovative, persistent aerial platform with reduced operational costs.

The first electric flight took place in October 2020, and the first hybrid flights in May 2022.

The 10kW on-board generator was developed with a view to optimising its mass so that it could be used on the demonstrator balloon. A more powerful serial version, which can be installed in a certified airship, is currently being studied.

Private aircraft and drones

Our research department studies and designs new engine concepts for light aircraft and more specifically for piston-engine aircraft and microlights

Our development focus: optimising the cost/mass/production ratio.

This means designing high-performance, lightweight, low-consumption engines that are adaptable to hybridisation and compatible with mass production processes.

Solution F is also positioned in the multi-rotor UAV sector for professional, civil or military applications.

Solution F - Reinventing aircraft engines